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Columbus is an incredible city but sometimes it’s nice to get away. Here are four places, in no particular order, we highly recommend for your next day trip.

1. Hocking Hills

One of the most photo worthy parts of the Hocking Hills is the cavernous Ash Cave, which forms a huge open recess in the rock that can be walked in and around. Hocking Hills is the home of caves, cliffs and crevasses, with short and long hikes connecting different parts of the park. Nearby you can also enjoy kayaking, rock climbing and even zip lining. About 20 minutes south you’ll find Ohio University, the home of Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery (which also has a tap room right around the corner from The Pierce), Casa Nueva, and many other entertaining spots in this beautiful college town.

2. Yellow Springs

45 minutes from Downtown is the fun town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. The people are the heart of the beautiful fun, eccentric community along with wonderful hiking trails, great shopping, food & local brewery. Check out the links below for some of our favorites.

Shopping & Dining: Wildflower Boutique · Asanda Imports · The Winds Cafe · Yellow Springs Brewery · Historic Clifton Mill & Restaurant · The Greene Canteen

Parks: Glen Helen Nature Preserve · John Bryan State Park

Lodging: Mills Park Hotel · Arthur Morgan House Bed & Breakfast

3. Amish Country

Northeast of Ohio is Amish Country, made up of several towns and cities, the largest of which is Millersburg. You will see horse drawn carriages on the roads and traditional houses in the towns, while many of the communities actually speak Pennsylvania Dutch as their first language, rather than English. Be sure to check out Der Dutchman during your trip.

4. The Wilds

The Wilds is a unique, open-air Safari in Cumberland, Ohio, where the animals roam free and visitors are taken around on big safari trucks to see rare and endangered wildlife in natural settings. The Wilds is a non-profit organization; they put the animals first, and that’s why the facility is so popular. They have species from across the world and educate people on conservation and responsibility rather than just providing entertainment at the expense of the captive animals.

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