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Decorating a rental so that it suits your personal, unique style can be difficult! Even though you may not be able to do permanent changes, such as painting the walls, changing the flooring, or hanging large shelves, there are still many things that are easy to DIY to help make your new space feel like it’s absolutely perfect for you!

decorative rugs

1. Decorative Rugs

Patterned rugs come in a variety of designs and sizes, so it won’t be hard to pick one that fits your personal style! Place a large, decorative rug in your living space to add a feeling of coziness to the room, while expressing your personal style through the print and texture of the rug you choose!

2. Gallery Walls with Frames

Photographs are a great way to bring your personality, story, and favorite memories into your new space! Put your favorites on display with a DIY gallery wall, by using a variety of different sizes or shapes of frames. Customize your gallery wall even further by painting the frames first in the color of your choice! Use sticky tack or command hooks when hanging your frames to ensure that you can move them around as often as you’d like, and to make sure you don’t damage the walls of your new apartment.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

Make your apartment more vibrant and green by bringing the outdoors in with indoor plants! Whether you choose to hang them with macrame hangers or brighten up your bookshelves with potted plants, they can add so much personality to your space. And if you doubt your green thumb abilities… you can always go for low maintenance plants like succulents or cacti! And there’s no shame in opting for fake plants, either!

4. Add Pops of Color

While you might not be able to paint your apartment walls your favorite color, you can still fill your new space with all of the colors you love! Add colorful throw pillows or blankets to your bed or couch, choose a fun and bold accent chair, hang beautiful and vibrant art on your walls, or decorate your shelves with colored pottery or glassware! The options are endless, and so easy to achieve!

5. Upgrade Apartment Lighting

Are the lighting fixtures in your apartment just not speaking to you? Swapping out a shade or two isn’t hard, and it can make a big change to your space. If you can’t upgrade fixtures due to budget or technical issues, try to avoid using the overhead lights where possible. Focus on growing your collection of stylish floor and table lamps instead.

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